Steve FosterChief Revenue Officer at RAS & Associates

Steve Foster is the Chief Revenue Officer at RAS & Associates where he shares a commitment to deep investment and creative engagement in long-term success for the firm’s clients. Steve has over 25 years of unique and diversified experience driving energy and passion around strategic business growth. He specializes in business development, helping clients achieve revenue generation and aligned product and service offerings in challenged technology ecosystems. In addition to his work at RAS, Steve serves as Chairman on the Board of Directors at the Colorado Technology Association.





  • Steve Foster is a serial connector who has taken on multiple executive leadership roles in the Colorado technology ecosystem. He is the current Chief Evangelist for RAS & Associates and serves on the board of directors of the Colorado Technology Association fostering growth and opportunity for Colorado’s technology industry; as a Board of Directors member, Founders Seat, of Convercent (Formerly Business Controls) a SaaS GRC/solutions provider and also is the CEO/Founder of Connect13, LLC. In his role as Chief Evangelist he is responsible for leading the company’s vision, strategy and execution regarding business development, operations and growth of the organization to include; sales, sales operations, business development, professional services and development of new markets.

    Convercent (Formerly Business Controls) employs a team of trained consultants backed by a global SaaS GRC software system that addresses employee compliance, culture and ethical issues. CEOs and other C-suite officers hire us specifically to create a system-wide, silo-busting safe and ethical workplace strategies that have literally saved millions in lawsuits and wasted resources. That work expands anywhere people work including corporations, schools and governmental agencies at the federal, state and local levels.

    Connect13 exists to drive energy and passion around strategic business growth for companies within the technology ecosystem. As a respected and experienced experts providing strategic direction and advice with respect to all levels of business operations, more specifically in the area of business development and analysis of the Company’s brand, positioning, current and future client relationships and revenue generation regarding its product and service offerings. Connect13 drives the connections and relationships that matter.

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