Patrick Kelly

President and Founder of Change Point Consulting

Patrick Kelly is the Founder and President of Change Point Consulting, a group that focuses on workshops and consulting for organizations who struggle to recruit and retain Millennial-aged workers and customers.  He focuses on leading organizations to properly define their cause, identify their unique culture, and create increased engagement and empowerment of employees, ultimately leading to greater growth and long-term success for companies.






  • Patrick Kelly is the founder and President of Change Point Consulting. He began his career in the corporate world working as a consultant for a global real estate organization. Patrick initially worked with international franchise expansion team, working with business owners, franchisees, brokers, and agents in more than 95 countries. This position included working with his clients on business development, recruiting, retaining, market share, profitability, advertising, and education. He then moved to operations within the United States, taking the lead consultant role for some of the company’s biggest clients.

    Through his tenure, Patrick began to see common issues arise: the struggles of what the generational gap and difficulties of a lacking core culture can do on a company. As a Millennial himself, he understands the mentality of the generation, while also having corporate and business operations experience. He sees a need to help bridge this gap, to help organizations and groups create work environments that are engaging, motivating, and at the end of the day, more profitable by creating unique cultures that the next generation of talent want to be a part of. And thus, Change Point Consulting was born.

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