Are you flexing your bravery muscle?

 erik frohardt

When was the last time you pushed yourself to do something you were afraid to do?

Heart of Leaders faculty member, Eric Frohardt believes that bravery is like a muscle that can be developed with regular workouts.

As a former Navy SEAL Eric knows fear.  He’s been in firefights, blown up by an IED, handled explosives, jumped out of airplanes and swam through shark infested waters…all of this at night and in some of the scariest places imaginable.  Eric’s biggest fear was that a personal failure would lead to the injury or death of a team mate or failed mission. Through it all, he flexed his bravery muscles to complete multiple deployments and hundreds of missions, earning 2 Bronze Stars, a Purple Heart and many other awards.

Dealing with Fear:        

  • Fear in the workplace can be devastating to your results
  • It is okay to feel fear. It is what you do with the fear that determines your outcomes
  • Bravery and courage are learned skills
  • Bravery and courage are like muscles that can be strengthened with practice, each time you overcome a fear you are strengthening that muscle

Key Questions:

  • What project are you afraid to begin that would be a breakthrough if you were successful?
  • What team members are hurting results that you are afraid to replace?
  • What products or services are you delivering to customers that you are not brave enough to fix?
  • What has to happen to engage your bravery muscles today?