“Why Strategy Execution Unravels—and What to Do About It”

Leaders talk endlessly about alignment, but surprisingly, alignment is NOT the problem with strategy execution.  The key lies in the depth and strength of leaders’ relationships across silos.  This is an area where Heart Led Leadership can make a difference.  Servant leaders believe in and focus on developing deep and meaningful relationships across the organization. […]

Are you flexing your bravery muscle?

  When was the last time you pushed yourself to do something you were afraid to do? Heart of Leaders faculty member, Eric Frohardt believes that bravery is like a muscle that can be developed with regular workouts. As a former Navy SEAL Eric knows fear.  He’s been in firefights, blown up by an IED, […]

How well do you know your team?

Successful Heart Led Leaders have proven that Deep, Authentic Relationships Matter.  People don’t quit companies, they quit bad bosses. The inverse is also true. People will provide exceptional discretionary effort for leaders and teammates they care about precisely because they know that they are cared about by their leader and their team. Harvey MacKay, bestselling […]